You have so much to say and a podcast seems like an awesome way of reaching a wider audience . . .  BUT then you realise, there's a lot of technical know-how to go along with this podcasting gig!

Don't stress - I've got you covered with my range of podcast services

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investment begins at $2070 usd

Feeling overwhelmed and wondering how the heck to even begin to start a podcast!

The idea of anything techie stresses you out big time!

Procrastinating with thoughts of maybe I'll some day get around to starting a podcast?

this is perfect for you if you are:

Have you been dreaming of one day having a podcast to speak to a wider audience and grow your business?


Podcast Launch

You could have your podcast airing in as little as a month!

how great would that be?

With a timeline of 4-8 weeks, my guidance on all things podcast (strategy, cover art, music, intros and outros, recording equipment, show format and hosting platforms) with a trailer and 3 episodes ready for launching, we'll have you speaking to your audience before you know it!

"Lynda is awesome! If it weren't for her
I wouldn't have launched my podcast, Leadership Purpose with Dr Robin!"


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investment begins at $635 usd
average investment $1380 usd per month

Love connecting with your audience but managing the production side is starting to wear you out!

Have no idea about the technical side of running a podcast and don't even want to know!

Just want to have great conversations and hand everything else over to someone who gets it!

this is perfect for you if you:

  • Your time is valuable
  • You want your words to be heard consistently
  • You’re heading towards burnout

When we work together, your focus will be on creating amazing content that your listeners are tuning in each week to hear, and I'll take care of the moving parts behind the scenes so you don't have to.

Podcast Monthly Management

Are you wearing all the hats when it comes to your podcast?

you don't have to do it all alone

because that's not fun!

consistency is the key to growth!

"Working with Lynda is so stress-free and seamless."

leah, leah bryant co

i want this!

this is perfect for you if you:

investment begins at $635 usd

Already have an established audio podcast and want to repurpose your content into video.

Really love the idea of video podcasting!

Have reached a standstill and want to try something new and fun to increase listener growth.

YouTube is one of the largest search engines out there and adding video increases your searchability, and therefore visibility.

Choose between zero editing or light editing with all relevant info uploaded to YouTube to serve that new audience.

Monthly Video Podcast

Are you wanting to expand your reach further by adding a video podcast?

video podcasting is ideal for finding an audience who may not have heard of you yet

get the best of both worlds!

get on the video podcast trend!

Packages listed are based on 4 episodes per month of 30-45 mins raw audio.
After our discovery call, I will create a unique, individual proposal to fit your podcast needs.

"Lynda is absolutely wonderful to work with, she has a great ear for editing."


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