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create the podcast of your dreams so you can experience more freedom and growth.


The behind the scenes of podcast production is taking up more time than you envisioned, am I right?

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It's a trade-off between business growth and the freedom and flexibility everyone aspires to.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

why i love what i do

my story

As a fashion loving sewist I discovered sewing related podcasts quite a few years ago now, and love listening to them while whirring away on my machine. 

When I started LJS Creative Services as a Virtual Assistant business in 2019, I discovered that I could actually be a part of creating podcast shows and thought how amazing is that?! So . . .

. . . then I went on to complete a Podcast Manager Program and began focusing on Podcasting, and have since produced over 250 episodes and counting!

I want to help you have amazing conversations, speak authentically and consistently to your audience and to further grow your business using podcasting as a tool.

i'm ready to jump in

I thought this podcasting lark was supposed to be easy but there's so much to learn!

I've been DIY'ing my podcast so far but it's becoming increasingly obvious that I need to outsource some parts to get my life back!

does any of this sound familiar?

I can talk till the cows come home, but learning the tech to get a podcast launched scares the bejeezers out of me!

My podcast started off with a hiss and a roar but now it seems to have come to a standstill and I want to see growth!

Trust me you aren't alone.

fun facts about me

Let's Get Personal

I'm an avid reader - love to follow the sunny spots around the house with a great book, just like my cat!

Retro VW kombi vans combined with adventure road trips are our passion! The most amazing trip so far has been Auckland to Invercargill in a week in 2 vans with my Sister & BIL - 1640km, one ferry crossing, wine tasting, eating out, tiny towns and big cities - one huge adventure!

So far the country I've loved the most when travelling overseas is Italy - soaking up those historical vibes and people watching with a prosecco in hand is just the best!




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